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The Book Guitar Building Jigs & Tools

You spent weeks and months building your guitar, now it's time to put the hardware on and begin the setup process. Don't expect your guitar to sound good as

I found a useful hardness chart for various types of wood with colors associated for each type

Hardness Levels Infographic: Comparing Exotic and Domestic Lumber for Wood Flooring– When it comes to lumber type, there are varying levels of hardness. Here is an infographic that compares a range of wood species by hardness.

A chopstick steamer and pegboard bending jig. Dunno what I'd do with it, but I kindof want to find out...

Bendwood jig: This is a nifty idea. I didnt know there was a way to do this without having multiple specific shaped jigs. Cant wait to try this. - My Woodworking Shed

Elegant Tabletop Fasteners By Tom Caspar On my best work, I want the bottom of my project to look as good as the top. That’s when I make an old-fashioned set of wooden tabletop fasteners, or “buttons,” rather than use the modern stamped-steel type. A button allows a solid-wood top to expand and contract through the seasons. When the top’s grain runs parallel to the rail, the button slides …

DO not just drill screw from your frame into your table top. When the top shrinks it will warp the entire table. These fasteners allow for wood movement and provide a strong connection