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a painting of a cat with yellow eyes
an abstract painting with black, white and yellow colors on the water's surface
Camusdarach Beach with a stormy sky | Scotland | Abstract Expressionism | Painting | Art Print | ...
Experience the wild spirit of the Scottish coasts through this evocative print, capturing the raw beauty of Camusdarach Beach under the mood of an impending tempest. Bold strokes and a vivid palette converge to embody the tumultuous heavens, where shades of grey and white swirl together, forming a dynamic dance of clouds that seem to churn with the whispers of the oncoming storm. The horizon is a play of contrast; jagged peaks rise in stark silhouette against an expanse of cerulean and azure...
a painting of a dog sitting in the grass
Day 3161: headwind 🐾 Available as a print from my online shop - link in profile. Worldwide shipping available. #drawingaday… | Instagram post from Jenny Bloomfield (@jennybloomfield)
an abstract painting of a cat sitting on a chair
cat animal focus no humans animal painterly white cat looking at viewer illustration images
a painting of a dog sitting in front of a green background
dogs — Sally Muir
a sculpture of a dog's head is shown on a black stand against a gray background
Resting with Ancients: Nichola Theakston Invokes Animal Spirits in Her Contemplative Bronze Sculptures — Colossal
a statue of a bear sitting on its hind legs
Polar Bear Sitting - Bronze Sculpture - 5.5" - Art Deco Frith Adrian Tinsley