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a painting of cows and ducks in a field
Floral & Nature Scene Fabric Panels
a painting of two women in front of a white house with flowers on the lawn
a painting of children playing in front of a blue house with flowers on the lawn
Summer Landscape Paintings | Summer Folk Art | Mary Ann Vessey
a painting of a rural road with houses on the other side and water in the background
Louise Martineau, tableaux disponibles | Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur
Louise Martineau, 'Le chat et l’oiseau', 30'' x 40'' | Galerie d'art - Au P'tit Bonheur - Art Gallery
a painting of a woman and two cats sitting on the porch of a white house
a painting of a house with flowers in the foreground
Erin Dertner's Easel Events
Erin Dertner
a painting of people walking in front of a garden store with pumpkins and flowers
a painting of a farm scene with a red barn and two white houses in the background
John Pototschnik, 1946 ~ Plein air painter
a painting of a village by the ocean with flowers and trees in front of it
As in Days Gone By
erin dertner art | Erin Dertner - Work Zoom: As in Days Gone By
a painting of a street with houses and trees
Memory Lane
Memory Lane (Boker tov, Boulder!)
an oil painting of a rural town with mountains in the background and water on the other side
Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur - La passion à l'oeuvre depuis 1986