L-Jay Popelakova

L-Jay Popelakova

L-Jay Popelakova
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You can still enjoy rainbow nail art designs with matte nail polishes. Choose a black matte as the base so the colors will really be distinct. Then put those dots depending on your design.

Here comes one of the easiest nail art design ideas for beginners. Find the designs that you love the most and copy them!

Sooo glosyyy

you want to get both hands in the shot, how about adding some more interesting angles, like tilting your picture so that the hands are at top and bottom instead of the sides? This is a cool way to make sure your pictures all look different.

Cute Christmas Nail Art Designs | Fashion Hippoo

Easy Christmas Nails (with tutorial!) --- perfect solution if you want cute Christmas nails but don't want to pay a ton at the salon. This is also a great tutorial even if you aren't good at doing your nails!

Green, Gold and Red Christmas / Winter Nails

Did someone know how to do this Green, Gold and Red Christmas / Winter Nails design? know the steps in details. Share your steps here.