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some pencils are laying next to an origami piece
#finished It was my first attempt to daw in a very realistic style I'm actually very lucky how it turned out! What do you think? #sims#diamond#drawing#siney_art#sims4#sims3
a purple and blue butterfly with long wings
moonlight tea
●••°‿✿⁀°•.Butterflies°•. ‿✿⁀°••●
a drawing of an eye surrounded by crayons and pencils on a table
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a drawing of a woman in a peacock dress with feathers on her back and two pencils next to it
I did a drawing about 8 months ago of a peacock feather dress on a hanger and never got around to drawing a girl wearing it so here we go! Peacock feathers are a lot harder to work with than you would think (they are real) hope you guys like it! Follower drawing next! Tag your pictures to #drawmekristina
Wow, this is so creative. Beautiful. Photo Oeil, Iris Drawing, Eyes Artwork, Crazy Eyes, Eye Photography, Aesthetic Eyes, Eye Art, Pretty Eyes, Eye Drawing
Wow, this is so creative. Beautiful.
a person drawing an eye with colored pencils on top of a piece of paper
Crayola Ocean Iris by artisticalshell on DeviantArt
I have a few students who are obsessed with drawing eyes: what a beautiful example
an eye drawn with colored pencils on top of a sheet of paper next to two blue crayons
Eye art, sketch in teal blue
a drawing of a blue diamond surrounded by colored pencils and crayon markers
Blue Diamond drawing