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MARINO FABIANI Hello everybody, we continue our article.
Today we received a new collection of footwear Marino Fabiane, boots were wonderful and we wanted to show them everybody - beautiful burgundy color and very unusual heel with stones in different colors. Accordingly, this beauty was lifted on a pedestal - in the window , whatever they were not alone we added a purse. And then women's eyes just stoped near such beauty. Some of people was a pair from Ukraine, should notice they were very…

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As we promised , we start a new article "Our customers"!
Here is one of the stories about the perfect man!
It was a beautiful sunny day, and some customers who came to us was a couple from China.
Male and Female Eastern appearance, spoke only the language of Hsien - Yuan- Shih . They changed my opinion about eastern people, as strict and quiet . Long looked, then took the shoes in hand and .. it started... Lady pulled her graceful leg of the rubber boots that were completely…

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ARGENTINA Hello again! Wecontinue our stories about customers... In the middle of a spring day a young lady came to us as by accident, she was in a colored dress with distinctively spanish face. She asked to try Nando Muzi with wildly high heels, and then ... right before my eyes there was a picture as from Brazilian carnival. From Brazil to Prague I was suffered by the girl, as it turned out - the sister of our client... They spoke among themselves in melodic Spanish language... The door…

FIERA ITALIA. Shoes boutique. We invite you to visit our boutique located in the heart of Prague. We always have a nice atmosphere and a great selection of women's shoes from famous Italian brands. Our consultants will help you to choose the shoes that make you irresistible!

RED SET from ACCADEMIA Again, all the good time of the day! In the continuation of stories Our customers I will tell the story about a sweet couple in which a man can not say "No!" to his wife. It was late spring, gradually transforming into a sunny summer, we all wait for... Early, early in the morning, to the opened door came the couple with a young daughter. Lady - a mother began to consider our products, and the father and daughter waited patiently. And then it started...Trying on…

FIERA ITALIA. Shoes boutique.

Brunette Hello dear readers! Here we continue the category "About our clients". During the beautiful summer evening, already in the end of the day very interesting lady came to us. First she spoke Czech but then started in Russian to admire the beauty of the new summer collection. And the collection is really beautiful and unusual - just what is ACCADEMIA! It was seen, of course, that the lady is going to try everything! One box ... second ... third ... tenth ... Even twenty. Nice and easy…

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