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a wooden toy with a chef hat on it's head and holding a tray
Räuchermann Räucherfigur Bäcker Wichtel Wichtel aus dem Erzgebirge Deko | eBay
two gnome figurines sitting next to each other near a house with mushrooms on it
1 Räuchermännchen 'Glückspilz', altes Kunsthandwerk aus dem Erzgebirge, Wichtelhaus, Fliegenpilz, Zwergenhaus, Pilz, DDR um 1950, Ostalgie -
a wooden toy sitting on top of a shelf next to a pair of scissors and rope
a wooden toy sitting on top of a table next to a shelf with rope wrapped around it
a wooden toy rabbit holding a basket
Rudolphs Schatzkiste Osterfigur Osterhase mit Korb BxHxT ca 4,5 x 11 x 6,5cm NEU Osterdeko Osterhasenfigur Ostern Korb Osterei Frühling Erzgebirge Seiffen Hase
Osterhase mit Korb Natur Höhe ca 11 cm NEU Osterfigur Osterdeko Erzgebirge Seiffen Osterdeko, Osterhase, Tischdeko ostern dekoration osterdeko osterdekoration osterdekoration hauseingang ostern basteln ostern dekoration garten osterdeko oster deko ostern easter
a wooden toy mouse sitting on top of a white table with one eye open and two hands in the shape of a rat
Skandivis home improvement projects
Wooden Mouse Decoration
two wooden snowmen wearing hats and scarves