Chicago Botanic Garden’s Japanese Island Garden, Chicago, IL I love the peace and tranquility of this garden.

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Stone houses possess that magical beauty which make miniature versions of them perfect for fairy gardens! Do you want to have an enchanting fairy stone house in your yard? Then build a miniature stone house now!

Художественная керамика Светланы Виноградской. | Оригинальное творчество талантливых и увлеченных людей

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I wish I knew the artist. I would credit them here.

small ceramic house-box (One like this would make a great cookie-jar if it was large enough - yet small enough to use in my tiny house!

content="Handbuilt stoneware cottages and candlehouses. The clay houses are built from the ground up using slab stoneware.

Pam Stern: Reliquary of the untaken Voyage. This is an outstanding use of imagery to tell a story