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a drawing of a person in yellow raincoats and pink pants with green hair
alex fierro | Tumblr
alex fierro | Tumblr
an image of a quote about men and women in different languages on a brown background
Lustiges Wissen
Lustiges Wissen #Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie #lustigesWissen #lustig #Humor #lachen
an anime character with white hair and blue eyes holding a cell phone in his hand
Rick Riordan on Twitter
“Another treat from @viria13 while we wait for The Ship of the Dead Oct. 3 — Hearthstone, rune magician & all-around MVE (most valuable elf).”
a man with glasses and a baseball uniform is holding his finger to his mouth while standing in front of a clock
Loki Yes! More viria art!-->His hair doesn't look quite right but other than that this is accurate :D
Alex Fierro, Child of Loki Character Art, Princesses, Marvel, Character
That's rough, buddy.
Alex Fierro, Child of Loki
an image of two men with long hair and beards, one is holding a guitar
Because that's the joke. He's supposed to look like Kurt Cobain.
an anime character with green hair is holding a wii controller in one hand and looking to the side
Alex scowled at me. "Magnus, could you please stop staring at me as if I'm going to murder you?" "i wasn't-" "because if you don't, i will murder you."
Magnus Chase
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Magnus Chase
a drawing of a person with white hair and glasses holding something in his hand while wearing a scarf
mcga | Tumblr
two cartoon characters are wearing scarves and one is holding his hands out to the side
two people with green hair are standing next to each other and one is wearing a scarf
Daughters of Loki<-- CHILDREN of Loki. Alex is gender fluid. HE/SHE IS NOT ALWAYS FEMALE.<<< THANK YOU!
an image of someone's text message to her friend on their phone or tablet
But the male character I can't choose because there's like Percy,Nico,magnus,will,Leo,Alex