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an old man holding a chainsaw in his hand while standing next to some logs
I'd laugh at you with your cell phone in your hand and your pants down, if you were not in fact disgusting and a poor excuse for what you claim to be a man.
Key to My Heart Logger The Key To My Heart, Stihl Chainsaw, Proud Wife, Silhouette Ideas, Key To My Heart, Intj, Shirt Ideas
Key to My Heart Logger
Key to My Heart Logger
an orange tractor with the words slow on it's front and back end in white
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Logging Life Vinyl Decal with Skidder Logger Stickers for Auto Car
a person holding up a green sticker that says our family is proudly supported timber dollars
Timber Dollars Bumper Sticker> Timber Dollars> The Logger's Wife
Timber Dollars Bumper Sticker | The Logger's Wife
Who has the most fun? Nara, Chainsaw Repair, Lumberjack Style, Lumber Jack, Big Timber, Timber Logs
Who has the most fun?