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Perforated Vallejo, Dark Elf, Fantasy Art, Goth, Elves

Blood_Elf_Eyeglow_by_Niekra.jpg (845×945)

My friend the lovely was trying an experiment with the blood elf eye glow. So I gave her one of my test renders to play with.

Drow priestess by ~Aerenwyn on deviantART

Female drow in regular clothes. Could be any type, though she doesn't look pleased.

Last Respects   Drow Maiden by on @deviantART

Here is another older piece that I was able to paint recently. I've wanted to render a drow for some time. Last Respects Drow Maiden

fantasy art drow | Female Drow Wizard by ~LazarusReturns on deviantART

And colored light danced and swirled about her as she worked her evil magics --- EDK Half Dragon Drow Female Psion by LazarusReturns on DeviantArt