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What a beautiful Rex. This Devon Rex has a very unique expression. I'd like to cuddle him inside my jacket. :) Like it's name: the Devon Rex!

=^•.•^= Sphynx's

"Keep quiet or else they'll hear you," demanded a Sphynx kitty cat to his nervous feline friend.

Sphynx Cat on the alert.

I have seen Sphinx cats that have different colored skin just like fur! They ARE the same as other cats! This reminds me of racism its in the human race AND animal race how sad.

I'll share my fur with you

pinner wrote: "I'll share my fur with you!" >>>>awww, and wow, that persian kitten looks just like my Henry!

Hugo the Sphynx, the Cat of the Day. Oh, my they're the oddest cats ever, but they're known to be the sweetest cats, too! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!


Scary curious - I wonder if I would still be allergic to a hairless cat?