Eva Peterková

Eva Peterková

Eva Peterková
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Beautiful shaded red long hair dachshund ❤️

Looks just like my Dolly dog

❤Love, love, love this!

Two long-haired dachshunds

❤Love, love, love this!

Two long-haired dachshunds

Precious. Adorable. delightful. Dachshunds. Pure sweetness.

Such a sweet picture!

Pretty face

When I grow old I need a long haired wiener dog in my life

❤ I'm thinking this is what she will look like when she's grown!

❤ omg isn't that the sweetest face ever ♡♡♡

If I ever get a small dog, it will be one of these.

A fantastically cute little English cream long haired dachshund puppy.

Longhair Dachshunds

Longhair Dachshunds so pretty!

Long haired dachshunds have the greatest personalities!

Long hair black-n-tan dachshund

"I don't dare powder my nose cause it's so shinny!" #dogs #pets…

Long haired doxin so cute!