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three statues in the middle of a fountain with lights shining on them and people standing around
This ballerina fountain in Poland.
a man is chewing on a rope in front of a large ship with the caption advertising win
Anna on Twitter
11 steps to building a meditation habit -- Get rid of your mental clutter with "declutter your mind" Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga Meditation, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivation, Yoga, Yoga Fitness, Guided Meditation, Meditation For Beginners
Declutter Your Mind: Eliminate Worry, Relieve Anxiety, and Stop Negative Thoughts
11 steps to building a meditation habit -- Get rid of your mental clutter with "declutter your mind"
the human brain is shown in this infographal diagram, which shows how many people are
Cognitive Biases by Buster Benson (https://link.medium.com/uy2rQPvhuY)
multicolored building with balconies and railings on the sides in different colors
Balcony in colors
hiromitsu: Balcony in colors by Pixels Poet on Flickr.
an aerial view of a large rock formation in the middle of a field with trees around it
Devil's Tower (Torre del Diablo) - Wyoming
an old woman holding a bunch of flowers
two people riding camels in the snow
Camel riders in the Gobi desert www.liberatingdivineconsciousness.com
a very tall building that is in the middle of some sort of cityscape
Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Facts
261 meter high Grand Lisboa Resort which is the highest building in Macao, China.
a very tall building with many balconies on it's sides and palm trees in the foreground
Infinity at Worli, Mumbai, India. Uso mixto, altura 200 mts; rascacielos en proceso.
hedgehogs in the grass with apples on their head and hands holding an apple
Happy hedgehog - Animals
OMG this hedgehog is literally smiling.....that is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen!
an old woman with wrinkles on her face and blue scarf around her head, holding a stick
"Moroccan Mountain Woman" by Hayden Alsahaf