Continuous Illumination

Artificial Exuberance in some negative-like colored poses photo studies]

Gypsum Jubilee

Premium Exuberance photos to celebrate second fifty galleries photo studies]

Flat Addressing

Nearly civil Exuberance thanks to graved colors photo studies]

On the Eve of Gypsum

Second selection from continuous portraits of ordinary Exuberance photo studies]

Persistent Oddity

Alternative Exuberance captured somewhere in abandoned scenery photo studies]

Perpetual Neutrality

Exuberance with cut up clothing leaning against blue fence photo studies]


Posterized Exuberance sitting on board in green and black photo studies]

Trace Bullets

Collage Exuberance using decomposition, repetition and deformations photo studies]

Fire-refined Cooper

Browny Exuberance checking her convenience before mirror at hall photo studies]

Doppler Ultrasound

Twin images of unveiled Exuberance in coat and stole photo studies]

Express Parcel Contingencies

Three variations of Exuberance jacket, skirt and scarf photo studies]

Shape of Ebullient

Exuberance in black jacket before pink and violet fractals photo studies]

Passive Access Circuit

Exuberance posing before private temporary notice board photo studies]

Bow and Submit

Loose green Exuberance with blue chair and boots photo studies]

Daring to Be Classic

Retro Exuberance as tribute to aesthetic of calm seventies photo studies]

Non-metallic Element

Naked Exuberance lounging with reddish oriental parasol photo studies]