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The product packaging refers to American dixie culture: the label shows a picture of a smiling redneck holding a banjo in his arms. The typeface that describes the beer has been hand-drawn and intends to imitate a handmade look “dirty”.

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"Winehouse “wijnhuis” stands for good wine, in a good house for a good cause. A Dutch initiative from a local wine expert and designer.

I have a confession to make: I definitely judge a wine by its label. As  someone who isn’t terribly picky about the wine I drink, labels are a big  lure for me. And it turns out that tiny details definitely have a  significant impact, such as this label for the line of wines from Pastor  Winery.

kissmiklos - Pastor winery’s — World Packaging Design Society / 世界包裝設計社會 / Sociedad Mundial de Diseño de Empaques


Chapter People are more likely to buy an object if thy can test it for themselves first. Many companies distribute free "trial size" versions of their products to convince consumers to purchase the product. The picture show trial size versions of wines.