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the inside of a restaurant with wooden tables and chairs, an old fire hydrant in the center
Dinner at an Old Country Store
Dinner at an Old Country Store
an animal that is standing in the water near some rocks and trees, with a waterfall coming out of it's mouth
West Virginia - State Wildlife Center
West Virginia State Wildlife Center.
the sun shines brightly in front of a waterfall and snow - capped mountainside
local milk
"let's go on an adventure, my love" "okay" ^future conversation I want to have…
a river running through a lush green forest
Olympic National Park
Olympic National Forest, Washington #usa #roadtrip …
a road winding through the mountains with trees on both sides
Olympic National Park, Washington
the sun shines through clouds over sand dunes
L’image du jour : Coucher de soleil dans la vallée de la mort, Californie
Coucher de soleil dans la vallée de la mort, Californie
a map showing the major roads and towns
US Route 89
Would be a great road trip
a man standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a river and canyon below him
Glacier National Park, Montana
a rock sticking out of the water on a beach
Bandon, Oregon
Wizards Hat, Bandon, Oregon
an artisticly designed doorway with steps leading up to it
McNay Art Museum - San Antonio, Texas
a rock formation in the middle of nowhere
USA Southwest - King of Wings
King of Wings rock formation in the Bisti Badlands of New Mexico - photo by Philippe Schuler
several large rocks sitting on top of a sandy beach
Rocks that look like Cracked Eggs area of the Bisti Badlands, New Mexico
an old victorian house with balconies and wrought iron railings
Gingerbread House in Savannah, Georgia ~ owned by one of my former co-workers & her husband.
some very pretty formations in the desert with blue sky behind them and no one on it
Bisti Badlands Hoodoos
Hoodoos, région désert au Nouveau Mexique #USA #Voyage #Paysage
snow covered rocks in the middle of a river with mountains in the background and water running through it
Yosemite National Park, California, USA