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od Funky Fractions For Fifth Grade

Anchor Charts

Could have students do this with other fractions and they go from table to table adding an equivalent fraction, or a group comes up with 10 different ones.

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Fraction Sort Game

Practice fraction skills with this super fun sorting game! Your students will have a blast. Play in teams and compete for prizes.


Soubor Logico Piccolo Zlomky a smíšená čísla Vhodné pro děti od 7 let Soubor obsahuje 16 různých karet. * Znázorňujeme zlomky – přiřazování rovinných modelů zlomku *

Writing Equivalent Fractions Using Pie Model


ZLOMKY Kateřina Švajdová Miroslava Možná U1ST, 4. ročník.

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A New Year and Decade: A Stronger Teacher

I NEED to make flip charts like this that I can re-use each year... Summer to do list? (Possibly for our weekly vocabulary words so I don't have to re-write them each week?)


UNDERSTANDING Fraction Notation: Varying Numerators and Denominators to Discover Their Meaning