Ghost Adventures: Zak Bagans...such a cutie pie!

Travel Hosts Exposed, Week of Aug. 20, 2014

Zac Bagans of Ghost Adventures

I had the love at first sight for this beautiful American named Zak Bagans. I love him and my heart beats for him. He is single and has no children, what to ask for better.

Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans 2014 | Zak Bagans zak

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This is where I have to admit that I think Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures (on the travel channel) is sort of.... gorgeous.

Zak Bagans ~ Looking Good! Star of "Ghost Adventures" ~ Peace, Nola West 💋 🌟🌛🌠🌙☀🌟🌛🌠🌙☀🌟🌛🌠🌙

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probably the guy with the best arms going :o loving them arms

Can go from the douchiest host alive to the funniest to the hottest hunting ghosts with shirtless provocation