Oh, Young Justice. So many kick-ass female characters.

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This is Artemis and Wally. But hey kinda remind me of Bill and Fleur from Harry Potter. Don't you think? Am I alone in this?

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YOUNG JUSTICE Poster SDCC 2011 by *philbourassa on deviantART

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Young Justice. Technically Connor is like, a few months old.... Just so you know...

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Living life one comic book at a time.

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A friend: we need to find our parents, Another friend: we need a good idea, Me: No, to do better then the FBI, we need something illogical, a truly bad idea. *We all look at Ben, my little brother* Ben: Now that you mention it...

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This was one of my favorite parts in young justice

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Stay whelmed get traught because your clearly not feeling the aster

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“ When they were young, Kid Flash gave Robin his first speedster piggyback ride so they could catch up with their mentors during a team up. He threw up afterwards. A lot. To this day, Dick gets sick on things like rollercoasters. Wally denies having...

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