Yarnbombing – 65 Yarnbombed Trees Ruttopuisto Park , Helsinki , Finland


I would love to first learn how to do this, then try this on my fence at home, great way to add color in the dreary winter!

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Yarn Bombing

Whoever started this civil uprising is awesome and talented and has great delayed-gratification skills

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Yarn bomb artist Emma Leith

Ten tips for a successful yarn bomb.

Artists Jill and Lorna Watt recently transformed a pair of benches near San Francisco’s Ferry Building into whimsical crocheted monsters.

Crocheted Monster Benches at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

Beautiful yarn bombs!
cutest yarn bomb ever but i'd like to see this felted ... @Lisa Phillips-Barton Jordan

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Yarn bombing by SuzanneTidwell in Occidental Park in Seattle

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