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Xena - Not all princesses need to be rescued, sometimes they are the rescuers

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Lucy Lawless responds to rumours of a Xena Warrior Princess reboot

Cult star! Lucy's character Xena Warrior Princess began as a Hercules spin-off but quickl...

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yes, xena, warrior princess, you are.

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Xena: Warrior Princess

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This photo, I can’t even handle the sheer amazingness!

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My dad used to let me and my sister watch this show...I think I was 6, loved it then and own it on dvd now <3

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Xena - Warrior Princess | VK

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(/o_o)/ so xena there is this one kid who stole my animal crackers… can u get them back for me?!… oh if only this were real

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Xena Workout |

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