The beautiful and talented Whitney Houston

The beautiful and talented Whitney Houston 1963 - 2012 age 48 what a loss!

Whitney Houston's Most Memorable Moments - 1992 from #InStyle

Whitney Houston's Most Memorable Moments

Whitney! via Nerd Girlfriend

Whitney Houston // she has an eternal influence on music and black female inspiration despite her young death. and she was OMG Talented!

Musette Monday: Whitney Houston

Musette Monday: Whitney Houston

Happy Birthday Beautiful girl, Whitney Houston Such a talent and so missed.

Whitney Houston in Canada on Aug. 22, 1986. Whitney was so talented and so beautiful!!!!

20 Stunning Photos of Whitney Houston in Her Twenties

Whitney Houston and her incredible sparkly jacket

Remembering Whitney Houston on her birthday today, the late singer would have celebrated her

Whitney Houston #Whitney Houston, #tamirfilms

Beyonce had no problem saying ‘no’ to Chris Martin & Whitney Houston death reopened

Ikon of beauty Whitney Houston LIBI lifestyle for you

Whitney Houston.  How did I forget to add her to this list until now??

Along with colorful eyes and heavily rouged cheeks, women wore out-there lip colors in shades ranging from bright fuchsia to brick red.Whitney Houston, via Neil Matthews/Retna Ltd.

She rocked the 80's.  This is the Whitney I will always remember.  As she was when she sang 'I wanna dance with somebody'.  RIP

Whitney Houston: The Diva We Came To Know And Love

A young and beautiful Whitney Houston - "Oh, I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebody"