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Antarctica is the South to the SOUTHERN Water Tribe

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Piece I hope to get for my 23rd. I adapted from a couple of designs to make one for me. Subtle yin yang and then the water tribe symbol to represent balance and change.

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the water tribes are so clever in how they use water and ice

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Katara water tribe inspired necklace / Avatar inspired Nation necklaces

Katara water tribe necklace / Avatar Nations by ElementalExplorer, $12.99

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Southern Water Tribe girl that ends up in Zaofu and is good friends with Opal. They both get their Airbending at the same time, more or less. Love interest to Guardian Rokku, pretty much lifelong body guard and advisor to the current Avatar.

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focusas: I saw those beautiful pictures X X and thought that they would look good if put together (so i put them together he he :D). I don’t own those pictures they are from pipreyes.. Water Tribe Jon Snow and Fire Nation Daenerys Targaryen. Game of Thrones/Avatar ATLA crossover.

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Water Tribe way of living and adapting. More

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Water Tribe Clothes

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nadialii: Watching all the episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender right now, and I just had to draw Sokka when I saw his war paint.

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