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TEACCH Task Boxes!

Task Box Ideas for a special education programs. TEACCH program

Using Visuals in Special Education and Autism Classrooms

Using Visuals in Special Education and Autism Classrooms


Free Behavior Supports! This printable behavior support is a visual for students with Autism and other visual learners. This behavior reminder card is ideal for students who have difficulty with appropriate behavior while at their desks. This reminder card, visually reminds students "When I'm at my desk, I am quiet, working, and sitting.

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Portable Behavior System

Do you have a positive classroom behavior system that students are rocking in the classroom, but it's falling apart outside of the classroom? I did. Class Dojo has been a great tool in my Autism classroom, but it was falling apart at recess, lunch, and ma

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4 Tips for Building Math Fluency

Building Math Fluency in the Special Education classroom is easy with these 4 tips. Check out how I build Math Fluency in my Autism Classroom!

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Autism Classroom, Set Up Your Classroom

Autism Classroom, Set Up Your Classroom. This is a bundle of resources from my store that will be great to help you set up your new autism classroom or just to update it. Each resources comes with instructions so you are able to implement them and use them in the best possible way in your classroom! We use these within our classroom every year and they work wonders with our students, so I am able to personally recommend you these resources ...


Do you have trouble finding science and social studies curriculum for students with special needs? This is how I integrate common core science topics into my autism classroom!


9 tips for designing a self-contained special education classroom. Get your…