The riddle of the Voynich Manuscript.  Excellent BBC article at link on the manuscript's history and what it may represent.

The riddle of the Voynich Manuscript

The riddle of the Voynich Manuscript. The puzzling - and thus far indecipherable - nature of an old manuscript has confounded some of the world's greatest cryptologists. Is there truly a code to break, or is it all an elaborate hoax?

The Voynich manuscript, described as "the world's most mysterious manuscript", is a work which dates to the early 15th century, possibly from northern Italy. Description from I searched for this on

Years ago I read about and became fascinated by the Voynich Manuscript. Voynich Dreams I

in the late 70s italian architect, illustrator and industrial designer luigi serafini made a book, an encyclopedia of unknown, parallel world. it’s about 360-380 pages. it is written in an unknown language, using an unknown alphabet. it took him 30 month to complete that masterpiece that many might call “the strangest book on earth”. codex seraphinianus is divided to 11 chapters and two parts - first one is about nature and the second one is about people.

Some otherwordly illustrations taken from Luigi Serafini‘s masterpiece Codex Seraphinianus, a fantastical encyclopedia of the unknown completed between and published in an extremely limited edition in This is a really incredible book!

The Voynich Manuscript is considered to be ‘The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World’. To this day this medieval artifact resists all efforts at translation. It is either an ingenious hoax or an unbreakable cipher. The manuscript is named after its discoverer, the American antique book dealer and collector, Wilfrid M. Voynich, discovered it in 1912, amongst a collection of ancient manuscripts kept in villa Mondragone in Frascati, near Rome.

The Voynich Manuscript – Alien Contact in the Medieval Times?

The Voynich manuscript is a handwritten book thought to have been written Although many possible authors have been proposed, the author, script, and language remain unknown. It has been described as "the world's most mysterious manuscript"

Contemporary collage taken from the Voynich Manuscript, Ripley Scroll, and Rosarium Philosophorum.

The Intelligencers and the Fifth Moon of Jupiter: Alchemy in the American Colonies

Alchemy: Alchemical Emblems, Occult Diagrams, and Memory Arts: cutup of Voynich Manuscript, Ripley Scroll, Rosarium Philosophorum. An Alchemy artwork.

WORLD'S BIGGEST UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - "Voynich Manuscript" (made between 1402 to 1438)  Its pages are filled with colorful drawings of strange diagrams, odd events and plants that do not seem to match any known species, adding to the intrigue of the document and the difficulty of deciphering it. The original author of the manuscript remains unknown.

10 of the world's biggest unsolved mysteries

"Voynich Manuscript" (made between 1402 to Its pages are filled with colorful drawings of strange diagrams, odd events. original author of the manuscript remains unknown.

voynich manuscript

Once again I was able to speak with my friend Dante Sangreal about his work with the mysterious Voynich Manuscript. The Voynich Manuscript contains abo. Dante Sangreal the Voynich manuscript!

The Voynich Manuscript: The Book Nobody Can Read

For almost 100 years, experts and amateur researchers have tried to solve the riddle of a handwritten book, referred to as the “Voynich manuscript,” comp.