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Wolf Spirit. As a Celtic symbol, the Wolf was a source of lunar power. Celtic lore states that the Wolf would hunt down the sun and devour it at each dusk so as to allow the power of the moon to come forth. People with wolf totems understand the depth of passion that belong to this noble creature. Wolf power points to an appetite for freedom and living life powerfully, guided by instincts, to bring the intensity of passion in your everyday endeavors. #Cancer #Cancerian #Moonchild

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#Wolves/Wolfs "Spirit of the wolf, you who wanders in the wild lands, you who…

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No matter how bad things get, always choose inner strength. Always choose survival.

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The Wolf Spirit More

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Huh... I really like wolves, but I'm not sure if I'd want to sacrifice the image in favor of a space-saving tune for "wolf".

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She is too timeless for a name, but you can imagine the sound her howl and you will find her name in your heart.

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A wolf came out of the mist besides me. Its icy-blue eyes locked onto mine before it signaled me to follow it. I walked next to him deeper into the forest. When the wolf started to run I knew it would be impossible to keep up, but I maintain my pace without growing weary. It was an amazing feeling of freedom and I felt like I could ran forever.

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Louis Redmon on

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¥uimRobin Isely - innocence Rarely do I include humans, but this is lovely. k

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