Another article I wrote...... Why You Should Choose a Vizsla Over Any Other Dog Breed

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The Vizsla was bred in medieval Hungary for hunting in conjunction with falcons. Some were taken with Hungarian immigrants fleeing World War II but all those left behind were killed. The Vizsla adapts well to urban living, requires little coat maintenance, and trains easily. It can handle heat but not cold.

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baby vizsla, vizsla puppies, dogs, short hair dogs, beautiful puppies

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Vizsla, known as "Velcro vizslas" because once you give them attention they latch on and become your new best friend

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beautiful ~ weimaraner, vizsla, and german shorthair pointer <3 ~ There is just too much adorableness in this photo I just can't stand it. <3

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You are my rock and shelter from the storm

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Makes me smile :-) #dog #pets #animals

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The perfect morning... ☕️

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Watching the view with my future dog, a vizsla

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