Atomic is a potential winner of "Vintage Robot Beauty Contest", if there was such a thing! It's got 16 blinking lamps to show off its considerable intelligence

This rare, blue version of the vintage Smoking Spaceman tin toy robot was released by a Japanese company called Yonezawa in Doc Atomic, Japanese tintoy robot, Smoking Spaceman toy robot

1955 Naito Shoten Interplanetary Explorer Robot Tin Wind-up Space Toy. I've never seen one of these before (that I can recall), but it's cool.

vintage robot toysAttack of the Vintage Toy Robots Justin Pinchot on Japan s Coolest

weirdvintage: “This robot normally appeared in a local Russian circus, but he was turned into a traffic controller as a stunt by his owner, Oleg Sokol, in 1967 (via Corbis) ”