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ECG Check iPhone Case Now Available as Prescription or OTC

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Logitech-PowerShell-iOS-7-Controller-3. Just bought one at target for $20 instead of the $100 it was originally.

Plessey semiconductors EPIC sensors - an electric potential sensor that can work in contact mode to measure bio-electric signals (e.g., ECG, EEG, EMG) or non-contact mode to measure movement, proximity, and gestures

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InfraV No-Blood, Glucose Vital Signs Monitor Watch | Wearable, Constant Monitoring of Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, PulseOx +more - No Blood and No Cuff [The Future of Medicine: Smart Watches & Fitness Trackers:]

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Flashlight-Sized Probe Can Spot Cancer Cells in Real Time

By miniaturizing an existing imaging technology, bioengineers may have saved many patients a second trip to the operating room.

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Artificial blood vessels become resistant to thrombosis

Artificial Blood Vessels Become Resistant To Thrombosis | Scientists have developed artificial blood vessels that are not susceptible to blood clot formation. The achievement was made possible by a new generation of drug-containing coating applied to the inner surface of the vessel. The new coating can save patients from lifelong intake of anticoagulants and even additional surgical interventions. [The Future of Medicine:]

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Electronic stethoscopes have been around for quite a while now, but either because of cost, difficulty of use, or simply doctors choosing the tried and

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Apple Fans Snap Up iPhones as iPad Sales Dip

Apple sold 43.7 million iPhones in the first quarter, a non-holiday and March quarter record. iPad, not so much..

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Samsung’s foldable smartphone is set to be release in 2017

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Diabetes monitors bloodless

Diabetes monitors bloodless Bloodless glucometer uses light to check blood sugar in 20 seconds or less The Bloodless Glucose Meter Glucom wristband monitors your blood glucose levels

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