Van Halen , rare photo of Van Halen, making an in-store appearance at a record store in 1978

Van Halen, saw this band many times. Met Alex and also Eddie's wife and son later. Had to restrain from telling them I was the go to girl for Van Halen logos on everyone's folders at my high school .

Eddie Van Halen's • Iconic 'FRANKENSTRAT' featuring a "22 fret Kramer neck". This original Stratocaster was artistically designed and created by Edward Van Halen himself. While performing in Van Halen, Eddie's homemade "Axe" was widely recognized; swiftly soaring to a legendary status! He decided to team-up with Fender Musical Instruments, whom put forth the production of his historic "Strat". A replica of this outstanding 'FRANKENSTRAT' is currently housed in the American History Museum in…

Eddie Van Halen's ~ "Frankenstrat" ~ pictured with 22 fret Kramer neck. Eddie created this Stratocaster himself, it was made by Fender Musical Instruments. A copy of the "Frankenstrat" is currently housed in the American History Museum in Washington, D.

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen