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This Vagabond Reminds Us That Travel Is More Affordable Than You Might Think

Vans are called Light Commercial Vehicles. In the event you decide that you would like to re-register your van for a campervan you should get in touch with the local vehicle authority. Now if you previously understand what you want …

We designed a removable, plywood sleeping platform with storage underneath for our Toyota Hiace van. It’s comfy, it’s warm and we’re delighted that all the pieces actually fit. So…

We designed a removable, plywood sleeping platform with storage underneath for our Toyota Hiace van. It’s comfy, it’s warm and we’re delighted that all the pieces actually fit. So… - Tap The Link Now To Find Gadgets for Survival and Outd

Sprinter Van in Yosemite overlooking Half Dome

The 10 Coolest Sprinter Camper Vans on Instagram

Wish these had been around about 30 years soone--buddy box system for van camping.

The BuddyBox represents a smaller, more flexible modular van conversion option. Not only can BuddyBoxes convert your van into a full camper, they can make it a tailgating party wagon, a picnic in the park, a sports support vehicle and more.

Easy, no-construction minivan camping bed: If you need to carry a lot of gear use six 24-gallon Action Packers (like  these: http://amzn.to/2jl2xWR) below one full sheet of plywood - we had two feet trimmed off the length. Top with some foam (air Mattress and memory foam is more comfortable and easier to fold away) and you have a perfect minivan bed. This is in a Toyota Sienna with the back seats folded down and the front seats removed. Glamping. Car Camping. Tiny living. van life. vanlife.

Our minivan allows us to travel on the cheap and incognito. We show you how to build a camper bed and share our travel packing list.

How to Install Solar Panels for electricity in a van or rv

I spend my winters in the desert, which makes me the perfect candidate for solar power. I saved as much money as I could and got started with a basic system which was a Single 55 watt Kyocera solar panel…Read more ›

Maybe a luggage / storage frame could double as somewhere to sit? Store the blankets and cushions in the van.

Escapism, we look for it & we know when we find it, usually sat round a campfire, miles from normality, warm company & cold-brew in hand embers flying.

Van Camping Hacks Can Be Happy Campers http://zoladecor.com/van-camping-hacks-can-be-happy-campers

Van Camping Hacks Can Be Happy Campers

Camper Conversion Isuzu Trooper bed and storage: this is how we converted our SUV into a camper in case it is helpful to anyone else out there! We decided to go w/ a super simple build since we have little to no construction experience or power tools haha