Usher Raymond

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Soul man, Usher Raymond, #wearingwestwood MAN in London

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URSHHHHHHHHH + his greatest music vid

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Usher Raymond IV holding his son, Usher Raymond V.

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U s h e r. R a y m o n d !! Words can't describe how sexy this man is

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speech 1 Aw this gets me all kinds of you know Free sucka Free! This is some crazy stuff.

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Usher (born Usher Raymond IV), singer, songwriter,

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it's 7 oclock on the dot i'm in my drop to cruisin the streets....dundundun dunnnn

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Usher!~!~ I printed off this picture(; lol..

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Usher - Falling in love with him all over again since he’s been on the Voice!

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