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I& said it before and will continue to shout it from the rooftops: THANK YOU SALT-N-PEPA for inadvertently creating the best twins& baby shower theme in the

5 Fun and Unique Baby Shower and Bridal Shower Activities - Here are some non-cheesy games and activities to consider for the next baby or bridal shower you plan!

Fun and Unique Baby Shower and Bridal Shower Activities

I bet there is no one happier than a mother and a father who have had a new born baby. It's a significant event to any family, after nine months of waiting, a new member of the family comes to life. This event should be unforgettable and should be celebrated properly. Anyone can have a regular shower party for their baby, but why don't you make your shower party as unique and creative as you can? And don't worry, it will not cost you much. Here are 15 creative and amazing baby shower ideas…

15 Creative Baby Shower Themes & Ideas

Baby Shower or bridal shower Cloud and Raindrops, beautiful to put next to your game prizes or next to the gifts area by AllThemesPossible on Etsy

Blue and Gold Baby Shower Decorations and Ideas for a Prince Baby Shower Theme!  by Mod Party

Boy Baby Shower Decorations Balloons will make a great centerpiece for your boy baby shower tables! Set of 3 baby balloons - includes 2 small balloons

Onesie painting baby shower station: | Photographer: M&Him Photo & Video -

See Why this Boho Baby Shower is Number One(sie) in Our Hearts

baby shower prize on pinterest baby shower prize ideas one can try 236x314

Neutral Baby Shower Party prizes - Barefoot wine and Starbucks! - maybe one or two for special winners - otherwise that could get expensive!

If you're planning a baby shower, you want to have a unique invitation that stands out and gets everyone's attention and makes everyone excited for the upcoming shower. Today, we're sharing a few of our favorite baby shower invitations that will get you really excited. Baby Shower BonfireWe love the ...

12 Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Ready to Pop baby shower theme ideas! LOVE THIS!!!

Ready to Pop Baby Shower

There's nothing cuter than those teensie tiny little socks! Such a sweet and unique baby shower or nursery decoration

22 Cute & Low Cost DIY Decorating Ideas for Baby Shower Party

22 Cute and Low Cost DIY Decorating Ideas for Baby Shower Party: Baby Socks on clothes line. Cute decor, plus baby will be all set in socks at the end of the party :)