could do a favorite food or beverage collage instead...with similar concept/technique!

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Suzy 'Pal' Powell Watercolors and Collages

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paper collage - Bing Immagini

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Coffee drawed art by Michael Aaron

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Drinking coffee, waiting for the courier. Two owls hoot love notes to each other in owlish Morse code. Or maybe they’re discussing strategy. It’s hard to tell with owls. Hummingbirds buzz at the feeder. In between sips of sugar water, they fret about their babies. My cat rolls over and stretches like a piece of elongated orange taffy. That’s the news from home. I have to wait for bulletins from more distant worlds. Read the rest at

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brown dress with white dots

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Learn The Basic Coffee Painting Techniques For Beginners – Ideas And Projects

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coffee drawings

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