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A collage of sexy

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Tyler Hoechlin can never have enough Tyler Hoechlin..... Can I PLEASE have one?!? haha <3

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Black and white - the most beautiful smile - Tyler Hoechlin <3

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50 most attractive men on earth » Tyler Hoechlin

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Mario era el agente secreto para franco. Mario también era muy guapo.

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Ta calor hj né Más

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Tyler Hoechlin... This man is just too dang attractive ;)

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Which Teen Wolf Guy Should You Hook Up With?

Hey there. I'm Richard. Call me Rick. I'm eighteen and I'm Annabeth's older brother. But I'm not like her. She's cute and bubbly, and I don't really talk very much. Our powers are complete opposites. She supercharges powers, and I drain them. Also, I have laser vision like Cyclops, but I can turn it off. Introduce? (FC: Tyler Hoechlin)

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