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"Tudor Rose Royal Badge of England", Tudor rose badge, used by every British Monarch since Henry VII. This image is from

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Dress hook of silver gilt and one of a pair used to fasten clothing in Tudor England. The hook end is partially broken off; other part of the pair would have had a loop for the hook. Probably restricted to female clothing. As valuable items they often appear on probate inventories and will lists. Probably Tudor.

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The House of Lancaster 1399-1471; it's badge the red rose.Henry IV came to the English throne by force. He made his cousin Richard ll, abdicate, & seized the crown. This started a dispute between the House of Lancaster & the House of York. Henry's coronation was the first occasion after the Norman Conquest when the monarch made an address in English.The family provided England w/ three kings: Henry IV, 1399–1413; Henry V, 1413–1422; Henry VI of England & (II of) France, 1422–1461…

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The Tudors, since many of our family descend from the English Dynasty, it is a fascinating study.

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Cassell's History - "HENRY VIII DANCING WITH ANNE BOLEYN " - Engraving - 1858

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Frankenstein style light switch plate! Turn any room into a mad scientist lab

Frankenstein style light switch plate! Turn your room into a horror movie mad scientist lab! Perfect for Halloween Haunted House!

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Tudor style hoods #sca #garb #tudor

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70 Emblem Shields

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What Tattoo You Should Get According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Tattoo For Your Zodiac Sign By Zara Barrie #zodiac #astrology #horoscope #tattoos

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