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We live in a world where our hands and wrists become more used to typing and scrolling than gripping and ripping! That's why when people start to do more unorthodox exercise training such as handstands and crawling, they may experience wrist strains and pains.

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A Dose Of Motivation

Martial arts …

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Fighter's Stretching workout

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Brazilian Jiujitsu- the gentle art Teaches one to be egoless, humble, ground techniques and selfdefense

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Get Flexible For Martial Arts Training

I believe this is Stacey Nemour, highly respected martial artist.

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Do the Splits in a Week or Less

The splits is an impressive feat of flexibility that is beneficial for a wide variety of activities, including ballet, martial arts, gymnastics and yoga. Training to do the splits takes months or even years of practice and intense...

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Abdominales Más

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Fearless Workout

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Knockout Workout - Upper body work does not always have to have pull ups and push ups nor does it require weights. A dynamic approach that employs shadow boxing moves and precise martial arts techniques pushes the muscles to work in both concentric and eccentric ways increasing effective power and speed. Don't spare yourself, the Knockout workout is here to help you.

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Good advice, but there is one more. Hit that bastard hard the first time, and before he can shake it off hit him again and again. Knock him flat and kick his face in. It's not cheating or being a dirty fighter, it's called winning. Unless he's out cold never underestimate the guy. Back away after the fight is over and watch for anybody that may want to step up to the plate.

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