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Monster Supercell, Burwell, Nebraska from a truck driver, reposted from David Nissley on FB on

This is the picture of a tornado at Outer Banks September 3, 2016. This picture…

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Hurricane Hermine generated a massive "water spout" at Avalon Pier in Outer Banks, North Carolina!

tornado consuming a rainbow!!!! I hope this is real, because it is awesome.

"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth." Genesis in the wake of destruction, God is still there! Tornado sucks up rainbow

F5 tornado. Hope never to see one up close, but what a thing of wonder and awe.

tornado-- scary - I look at this and think, "I don't believe I survived two of these things!

Twistin' the Night Away

Kansas twisters, May 2016 Multiple, large, violent tornadoes moved through southwest Kansas. This was a rope tornado, from the same parent supercell that later produced some of the large tornadoes. Pic from Alex Hutchins.

Improve Your Tornado IQ (And Know What To Do) | The Weather Channel

Improve Your Tornado IQ (And Know What To Do)

✯ Moore, Oklahoma Tornado...05-13-2013  [found this/pinned this on 06-21-13 JFB]

Twin Tornadoes - Oklahoma - Great shot with the double tornados and the 2 lighting strikes - great photography but terrifying and beautiful