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Juuzou / cosplay

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I'm so excited cause the mask is actually super cheap (although I don't know the quality) and so is a white wig so i might be able to just buy that and a hoodie and bam! cosplay.

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Uta cosplay Tokyo ghoul More

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23 Intense Tokyo Ghoul Cosplays That Bring The Series To Life

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay

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Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul Cosplayer: Shiro Cosplay

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Top 18 Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Cosplays

Oh my gosh this cosplay is so good :D one of the best i have seen!

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Tsukiyama Shu and Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

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#Tokyo Ghoul #Yomo Renji - Niela(TimeKing) Renji Yomo #Cosplay Photo

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#Tokyo Ghoul #Juzou Suzuya - Sherylin(Sherylin) Juzo Suzuya #Cosplay Photo

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Tsukiyama has so many different skin color shades. If that really happened I would feel really really bad for Kaneki

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