TIME’s new cover: The Roots of Baltimore’s Riot. The city’s eruption follows decades of systemic failure.

the-gasoline-station: “America 1968 2015 TIME’s Baltimore Cover With Aspiring Photographer Devin Allen Source: TIME ”

invented apple and pixar and didnt even have a college education..that definitely counts as cool

With Steve Jobs' Passing, Apple Loses Its Top Sales, Advertising and PR Man

TIME Magazine person of the year 2008. One of the most influential and well known posters on a cover. The graphic element makes unrealistic with personal combined. Minimal colour pallette emphasizes the colours that are utilized - symbolic to America (red, white and blue). Very centralized and bold image. Layout = one dominant element, no distractions and draws attention.

Person of the Year 2008

Item not found - item TIME Magazine Back Issue Obama Person of the Year January 5 2009 Double Issue 3041100 2813020

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. : Founding Father. TIME Magazine -- U.S. Edition -- August 26, 2013 Vol. 182 No. 9

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Donald Trump Nothing to See Here Time Magazine Cover

The Story Behind TIME’s Trump Chaos Cover

This week's issue of Time magazine features a hand-painted version of the president amid a storm in the the Oval Office. The cover story takes an in-depth look at Trump's "White House chaos" since taking office on January

Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) was an American inventor and businessman. He developed many devices that greatly influenced ...

time magazine covers – Thomas Alva Edison (February 1847 – October was an American inventor and businessman. He developed many devices that greatly influenced .


*COVER OF TIME MAGAZINE ~ John F. Kennedy's Assassination and the Conspiracy Industry Fifty years later, doubts endure. Here's why the case will never be closed By David Von Drehle Monday, Nov.

Front Cover Space Race in TIME During the Cold War the Soviet Union and the United States were competing in everything

Front Cover Space Race in TIME. With the USSR being the first to launch and send signals from a satellite in space. The space race began for the first human to go land on the moon and come back. The 2 leaders of the space race were the USSR and the US.

Life Magazine Cover Muhammad Ali

Life Magazine Cover Muhammad Ali Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali stands over fallen challenger Sonny Liston on May 1965