Tim Curry: I want to establish a wide range and play all kinds of parts. It's that sort of acting career I really respect. I like to turn a sharp left from whatever I've done before because that keeps me awake. That's why I want to be an actor -- I don't want to play endless variations on one character.

Tim Curry (I know--sometimes my taste in men is a bit, well, unconventional!


Tim Curry~ "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (played Friday nights @ the Neptune Theater in Seattle during my high school days).

Tim Curry taking a break during the filming of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', 1975. Photographed by Mick Rock.

Tim Curry on the set of the rocky horror picture show. Best movie ever. There have been Victoria secret models who havent pulled off Lingerie as well as this man. This picture is so hot.

Tim Curry on the set of It.

Very rare BTS photo of Tim Curry as Pennywise while filming 'It' (smoke em if you got em!

Tim Curry :)

Possessing much natural talent, Tim Curry is an accomplished singer and actor, starring in both the theatre and cinema.