Tiffany Alvord Love her outfit and hair!!:)

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Tiffany Alvord loves this dress

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Hi I'm Lindsay and I'm 18. I like to surf,garden,sing,dance,and read. I would like to meet you all! I'm a single Pringle but crushing! Introduce?

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Tiffany Alvord♥I love her voice and all the music she sings. I can't stop listening to her on YouTube!!! She's got me hooked!!!

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Tiffany Alvord | Possibility

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QOTD: if you could have any super power, what would it be? I would want to be able to fly!!!

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We all have secrets.. some we bury down deep inside us some we tell some we reveal without even saying a word; but are our secrets all that hidden.. when they're part of who we are?? // NEW VIDEO - LINK IN BIO // it's a cover of "Hello" : @thejarvie by tiffanyalvord

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Tiffany Alvord <3. hhehehe

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Tiffany alvord is my favorite singer! She's gorgeous and i love her hair in this picture!!!

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