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Breaking the Rules de Katie McGarry-Saga Pushing the Limits 1.5 (Sweet Kiss)

Breaking the Rules de Katie McGarry-Saga Pushing the Limits 1.5


That Is What I Call Bending The Rules


9 Lists To Keep Updated, and Keep Handy

This is kind of what I believe, re. reincarnation, etc.


Purposes of Building the Hadrian’s Wall

HADRIAN'S WALL : a defensive fortification begun in 122 AD, during the rule of Roman emperor Hadrian, to mark the northern border of the Roman Empire in Britain. It stretched across the width of Great Britain just south of the present day border with Scotland; it was the first of two fortifications built across Great Britain.


Psalm Book: Small size is typical of Scandinavian Lutheran texts. The colored bookbinding, however, is quite unusual. The binding probably dates from the rule of King Frederic V of Denmark, between 1746 & 1766. The tooling depicts 2 cherubs crowning Frederic at the top, with rampant lions & the king’s monogram below. The small silver clasps are delicate & finely wrought. Typical of the era, the silversmith did not use a hallmark, & the artist’s identity is not known.


Ancient Rock Adds to Evidence of King David | Epigraphers and biblical historians agree almost unanimously that the letters "bytdvd" refer to the House of King David, according to Spar. [12.16.14] - Luke 19:40?


Successful Queries: Agent Sarah Davies and "The Rules For Disappearing"

“Successful Queries” and I’m posting actual query letter examples that succeeded in getting writers signed with agents. In addition to posting these query letter samples, we will also get to hear thoughts from the writer's literary agent as to why the letter worked. The 63rd installment in this series is with agent Sarah Davies (Greenhouse Literary) for Ashley Elston's young adult thriller, THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING (Disney-Hyperion, May 2013). Find Ashley on Twitter ...


OriginsAbout 3500 years ago the Arabian horse became an essential element in the Egyptian empire. Using them to pull chariots allowed the Pharaohs rule to extend far beyond their own borders. The power and beauty of the mighty Egyptian Arabian has been both carved into hieroglyphs and written in the Bible. Breeding of these animals is taken very seriously and bloodlines are carefully controlled to preserve purity & desired characteristics. In the 19th the ruling families of Egypt selected…


Sometimes you just have to break the rules! #maverickarchetype #archetypalbranding #archetypes


Chess Rules Printable-Freebie!

Chess Rules (Cheat Sheet)