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The Princess Bride. Okay, I think I need to watch this movie again amd again and again and again

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Haha someday I want to start a conversation this way and see if the person gets the reference.

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I just now realized that when you flip this upside down it still says "the Princess Bride"

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glorious dinosaur steed

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"Give us the gate key." (The Princess Bride)

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I pretty much quote this daily. Perhaps it should just be my voicemail message.

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Princess Bride! <3 i use this quote all the time!

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This would be really cute as a entrance sign to a wedding. Plus it's just funny. :) One guess where this is from?

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My family is always telling me to give them the short version of the story. This is totally something I would say!

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The Princess Bride *sigh* I would love for someone to understand when I say As You Wish to them that I really mean I Love You

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