The L Word. <3 xD

When lesbians see a penis

The L Word.

Lesbians: Stereotypes Vs Reality

Bette & Tina - I cried if they had a fight lol - love them

13 WTF Moments From "The L Word" You're Still Not Over

50 Greatest Lesbian and Bisexual Girl TV Kisses of All Time - Ranked

ok, she's crazy as a horse and I hated her since the first L World episode... but here she's damn right.

The L Word - Jenny / The one thing she said that I might liked.

Shane & Carmen when they first met. Aka the best couple ever. I want a love like they had before Shane's insecurity and fear of being alone ruined it.

The L Word- Shane and Carmen meet season 2 Sierra, why aren't you like this?

What Did You Learn From "The L Word" :: Bette Porter is the ULTIMATE power lez!

What Did You Learn From "The L Word"?