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Polynesian tattoos by Igor Kampman: Marquesan, Samoan, Maori, Tongan, Hawai, Borneo, Haida and many other tribal inspired blackwork

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haida tattoos - Bing Images Seriously want a salmon here!

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Love her sak yants. I can't quite do this due to the placement of mine but it's very well done on her

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Design inspired by borneo,maori,polynesian and marquesan tattoos #borneo #tattoos

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Borneo+Tattoo+Designs | Polynesian Tattoos

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SEF at Humble Beginnings Tattoo in San Jose California also KavaOne.com for Fresh Gear

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Men, Shoulder, Arm, Maori, Moko, by Calen Paris

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http://madeinpaintattoo.tumblr.com/ Custom tattoos by Lady Pain (Ona Cots). Traveling tattoo artist... Next destinations: Cairo/Egypt, Katmandu/Nepal,Bangkok/Thailand, Sarawak/Borneo,New Delhi,Goa/India, you can contact her for apointments at: ladypain666@hotmail.es

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40 Unique Arm Band Tattoo Designs

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431306fe22554fba8b879c0e9ce11fe3.jpg (736×927)

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