"When I hve ceased to break my wings Against the faultiness of things, And learned that compromises wait Behind each hardly opened gate, When I can look Life in the eyes, Grown calm and very coldly wise, Life will have given me the Truth, And taken in exchange - my youth." - Sara Teasdale

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¤ Poet Ponderings ¤ poetry, quotes haiku - Sara Teasdale | When I Am Dying

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Hahaa you never pass when harry is hugging you <<< when you are Lou Teasdale you can do whatever you want.

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TREND ALERT: Silver hair. Lou Teasdale knows how to rock it!

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Woah he looks so young when not styled. << I personally think he's cuter without the hair all fixed... :)

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Lou Teasdale trying to get Harry to do duck face on her snapchat and him refusing. LOL

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Sara Teasdale, from The Crystal Gazer//

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Sara Teasdale - Love songs

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"I am the still rain falling, Too tired for singing mirth - Oh, be the green fields calling, Oh, be for me the earth! I am the brown bird pining To leave the nest and fly - Oh, be the fresh cloud shining, Oh, be for me the sky!" - Sara Teasdale

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Love songs - Sara Teasdale - Google Books

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