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Taylor Momsen, who manages to look edgy as shit AND comfy x)

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Glam Rock style / фото 2013

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Taylor Momsen

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Taylor Momsen, my new favorite rocker chick. Holy crap, she was cute little Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch but she isn't so cutesy anymore lol. She's so badass.

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(Open) Aria had sneaked off campus grounds because she wanted to leave. It was possibly a habit of hers but she didn't care. So long as she returned in one piece was the main thing. She also had her camera with her, a prized possession of hers because she loves photography and what better way to capture natural moments than to head out to a more crowded area. As she was walking, she crosses paths with you.

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Ms.Momsen giving me the Mrs.Smith vibe in this picture, rocked up of course

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I smirk turning on my mic as my voice goes through the crowded city as I appear on every phone, TV and radio "well seems I made myself viral names zombie and well I'd thought I'd inform you cops that I'm not done yet oh and I've taken care of your little Carson problem she's enjoying her lungs full of water at the bottom of the lake at the park just a warning to you cops don't get in my way" I cut out as I walk out of the station as I hear someone laugh (open)

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