Taylor Lautner...should be illegal to look like that and be that young, but hell yes I will take one :)

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learn how to get perfect white teeth without baking soda or peroxide that can broke your enamel, find out whiten your teeth with natural home remedies-Yes, I'm team Jacob. I'm also totally in love with Taylor Lautner (not Jacob- actual Taylor).

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Taylor Lautner: perfection

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Taylor Lautner he is so damn hott

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oh taylor lautner. so wrong......but soooooo right. WHY do you have to be younger than me?! WHHHHYYYYYY

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Taylor Lautner http://media-cache1.pinterest.com/upload/215398794647911705_VpJSZMQ5_f.jpg couurtbutt hot boys

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Taylor Lautner so hot!! Why is he getting older? He should just wait until I turn like 20 then we could date! :)

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Taylor Lautner, as highschool teacher Guy Mendes, in the best-selling romance 'The Third Lover'

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Taylor Lautner--this is just so funny to me!!!

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